Where to ride…


Let’s face it – if you live in Belgium, and you like to ride – then rain is something we just have to  learn to deal with. Well we found trails in  Aarschot that drain so well that even after lots and lots of rain that turns everywhere else into a sloppy mud bath, Aarschot remains rideable and even fun. So we love this place and often wind up here mid winter. The trails often consist of super twisty, tight turns that will have you working hard to maintain momentum

Meet at : Sport Centrum parking lot

Another reason to visit – Swooth Bike Shop. These guys at Swooth are developing a great reputation  amongst mountain bikers in Belgium. They are really focused on mountain bikes, they really really know their business. They give excellent advice, and  most importantly have a great knack for solving hard to fix problems that other shops often fail at. Go seem ‘em, it’s worth the trip !


Swooth MTB Shop
Nijverheidslaan 8E
3200 Aarschot

0494 88 65 95

After the ride  – as always when we need a beer and some food we post-ride at :

Cafe Chaplin

Grote Markt 8
Aarschot 3200

0476 42 51 30

Bar · Cafe

Hours 9:00AM – 9:00PM