Where to Ride…

Where to ride…


When the weather cooperates and we are in the mood to have a ride out of Brussels, we meet up in Overijse. The trails are quite different here compared to the beloved FdS, more technical, hillier and challenging. Also less protected from the elements so we tend to avoid if it’s been quite rainy.

Meet at the Swim Center Zwembad and start off by following the Bloso trails. We stick to those for a bit but the key to getting the most out of Overijse is the experience we have gained connecting and remixing the trails into a ride that is much bigger than the sum of its parts.

Beginhof 1

3090 Overijse

Bike shops nearby:

Over Bike

Brusselsesteenweg 320

3090 Overijse


Dreef 10

3090 Overijse

And after the ride, its often necessary to have some refreshing beers and maybe a meal and our favorite is :

Taverne de Met

Just. Lipsiusplein 1 3090 OVERIJSE