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This site is for members and non-members seeking general information on mountain biking around Brussels and across Belgium and even nearby countries too.
Information includes:

  • Details for applying for club membership … click here
  • Links to local trail descriptions … try this site for fixed routes throughout Belgium
  • General information on organized rides … The O2 Bikers agenda lists info on organised rides throughout the area, including Luxembourg (both the country and the province!) the further south the ride, the hillier it usually is. Liege, Namur and Luxenbourg provinces offer the most challenging riding. Beware that the closer to Brussels the ride is, often the busier it is likely to be.
  • Travel sites
  • Bike shops we like:

KM10 Located close to the Foret in WaterMael Boitfort – They rent nice bikes in case you need one, they even offer a bike wash service !

Best Bike Convenient location, good selection for bikes and parts.

Swooth New shop located out in Aarschot – these guys simply can fix what others cannot, solve bike issues that other shops won’t bother with. Top notch service,  advice and reasonable rates and timeliness.

How can you contribute to this site?
If you have mountain biking information that is of general interest to members and non-members, please share it with the site administrator, who will update the site accordingly.

The Groups Forum

The Groups.io forum is our online message and calendar system, established to facilitate us mountain biking enthusiasts getting together for local rides. Anything from casual 15k routes to up to 100k a ride is posted through our groups platform.

This forum is open to members only. To apply for bigM membership, click here.


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