Back to the grind…and that’s a good thing.

September shows up on the calendar and that means kids go back  to school, vacation memories are already fading, and all sorts of weather conditions arrive in Belgium. It seems like some of these days we experience 3 seasons in one day. But if you’re going to let a little rain and a few clouds get you down then you live in the wrong place.

So Big M continues to grind on into the year and we like to send summer off with a big end of summer party. It  promises to be a fun time and plenty of great food and beer. We will welcome plenty of new members that have either found us here on the website or also via our new  Meetup Group.

And coming soon  – to go with the new look on the web site, new look Big M jerseys !!! And remember  if you’re joining for a night ride  (Tuesdays and Thursdays @7 pm ) you’ll need good quality riding lights that throw a strong enough beam to allow you to ride full speed through the night for 2-3 hours from now until time changes again.

Do you need some recommendations for lights ?  :

Magic Shine

Some articles that shine a little light on the subject….


See you out on the trails !